Newton Kindergarten

16 Newton Road
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In Newton Kindergarten, each child is a unique individual with a strong desire to learn and grow. The centre also believes that every child is precious, and each of them is taught by trained educators. Not only are they trained, the teachers show passion and love for the children.

Newton Kindergarten is a centre that emphasizes a lot on Mandarin. Bilingual lessons are held where a class is assigned an English teacher and a Chinese teacher. Having a Chinese teacher as form teacher allows the students to speak more mandarin for better exposure. The students would enter primary school and study mandarin with a breeze.

Parents contribute to their child’s learning as well. The centre organizes Family Day, and Parents-Talk. Family Day is where the parents mend stalls during carnivals or Sports Day, where parents participate in activities with their child. Parents-Talk is where parents come down to the centre, and give the children a brief scope of what they work as. This allows students to think about their interest as a head-start. Students also bring project-based homework there they get to do craftwork with their parents.

Newton Kindergarten offers Enrichment Programs such as Hanyu Pinyin, English/Chinese Speech & Drama, Drawing, Thinking Program, and etc. These programmes provided helps boost and reinforce the child’s learning.


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