Ms Cindy

Newton Kindergarten

Ms Cindy
20 May

Newton Kindergarten SSDB 2024                                     From Us To You - Spread Kindness & Love @ Bishan Bus Interchange

SSDB 2024

From Us To You - Spread kindness & love

It’s never too early to teach the value of kindness. Every child has the opportunity to make an impact on those around them. Learning to impact kindness to others can be an invaluable lesson throughout the young lives. At Newton Kindergaten, one of our core values is compassion. We believe that children can show compassion and be blessings to the community.

This year, our K2 children and their families have prepared a goodie bag of kindness for our bus captains in Bishan Bus Interchange. In the bag consists of a box of face mask, a bag of coffee, a snack and a towel. The teachers and children put much thoughts and love in making sure the items were practical for our bus captains.

The children and their families responded very well and contributed generously. The children even created a ‘Thank You’ card each, to express their gratitude and appreciation for our diligent bus captains and their unwavering services.

After the collection, our K2 children together with their teachers, brought the kindness bags to Bishan Bus Interchange and distributed to the bus captains. It’s a small act of kindness but when we see the big smile on their faces, we know it’s all worth it.

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