Mrs Eunice Tay

Newton Kindergarten

Mrs Eunice Tay
9 May 2017

SSDB 2017 @ Newton Kindergarten - Love, Respect and Compassion to the Elderly

This is our first year participating in SSDB. Our objective is to inculcate in our children the values of showing love, respect and compassion to the elderly. The children will be engaged in the following activities to play their part in serving the elderly in the community. They will be making crafts and cleaning enzymes, doing shoulder massages, presenting songs and giving goodie bags to the elderly.

In conjecture with this, we have requested parents to donate a goodie bag which consists of a towel, big packs of 3-in-1 Milo, biscuits and cereal. The response was overwhelming. The children with their parents packed about 400 goodie bags which will be presented to the elderly at Newton Life Church Senior Citizens Ministry on 25 May and Irene Nursing Home on 26 May.

Thank you parents for your generosity, support and partnership with us to inculcate the values of showing love, care and compassion towards the elderly in your children.

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