Jesxeca Khoe

Newton Kindergarten

Jesxeca Khoe
23 Jun 2020

Sharing is Caring

This year is Newton Kindergarten (Nursery) 2nd year of collaboration with Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home for the Start Small Dream Big project.

We bring teaching outside of the classroom by letting the children relate to some food produce when we talked about ‘Plants’. They understood how seeds grow and their byproducts. The teachers proposed to them about donating care packs to the children in Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. They understood about ‘Sharing is Caring’ and were eager to get their parents to bring them to the supermarkets to get the list of food items for donation.

With the COVID 19 situation, schools were closed for nearly 2 months. When the children came back, they remembered about this project and started to bring their care packs to school. 

Care packs started to come in for a week. The children were very happy to be able to do their part in helping the children who are less fortunate.

“A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference.” ~Eeyore

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