Siti Ismarinawati Binte Sonario

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 302 (CC)

Siti Ismarinawati Binte Sonario
29 Aug 2017

Care for ourselves, Care for the World and Care for the Community.

Children of PCF Sparkletots Marsiling 302(CC) were introduced to different theme in conjunction of SSDB. They begin with learning all about themselves such as hygiene, self diet and physical health through videos and hands on activities. They children created healthy snack which parents contributed using different types of fruits. 

Next they learnt on how to save the world using the 3Rs- Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. The children created recycled bins using recycled boxes and items. Then they placed it outside the centre. With the help of the parents, they donated items from daily use such as tissue box and toilet roll. 

Lastly, the children created gifts and craftworks using the recycled items with guidance from the teacher. They visited the Orange Valley @ Woodlands Peak. They presented the gifts as well as performance. All of the children and the elderly had fun!!!

Creating craft using recycled materials. 

Morning workout with the elderly. 

Mini performance just for them.  

Thank you for having us…  We love everyone of you!!

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