PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 302 (CC)

Block 302 Woodlands St 31, #01
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Mother Tongue

PCF Marsiling Blk 302 provides Chinese, Malay and Tamil as their mother languages. The mother tongue teachers plan and execute interactive lessons so that there is something new and interesting every time the children come into class. At the different mother tongue lesson venues, numbers, alphabets, shapes and colours are displayed on the walls in the mother tongue. The teachers ensure that reading, writing, understanding and counting in the mother tongue before the start of their primary school education.

Parent’s Involvement

Parent’s reading and children sharing program scheduled to be in effect in 2013. Every twice a month, parents of the children would sit in for language classes and facilitate in language and literacy aspects. They could do a sharing, story-telling or reading to the children as part of the enhancement of their education.

Explorations in Arts

A different approach to art lessons would be introduced to the curriculum in 2013. The children get to explore and experiment through hands-on activities the different materials and textures of their art work. Viewing art and unleashing creativity through a different perspective is what the new program aims to achieve. The children would be given the opportunity to creative 3-D art pieces themselves so they are able to see first-hand the sciences behind 3 dimensional artworks. This creates a greater appreciation for Art in the children.

Multi-purpose Room

PCF Marsiling Block 302 has a spacious multipurpose gym cum music room. Home to the various musical instruments, the room is used for music lessons where the children are taught the basics of music such as pitch and beat. Each child would be given the opportunity to play different instruments such as tambourines, shakers, clappers, bells and the resonator bars and express themselves through the element of music and to exercise their creativity through the music. The room is also used for the playing of team-building and bonding games amongst the children. The children would be able to have fun and express themselves to their peers.

Educational Corners

The various corners for different activities within each classroom help the children achieve a more holistic education in terms of numeracy, literacy and motor skills-development. The construction corner is equipped with soft and hard blocks for the children to explore their building skills. There were also oddly-shaped puzzle pieces that the children and build structures with. The children are encouraged to use their creative juices to build something straight from their imagination.

The language and literacy corner is generally decorated with numbers, colours, shapes and common words so that they children see them every day and eventually learn to use them appropriately. Adjacent to it is the library corner where several story books are and ready to be read when given permission to.

The dramatic corner is where the children are to act out based on themes. The children are to creatively play out what it’s like to be a cook or a waiter if the theme is food.

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