Sue (Sumathi)

Whiz Kids Montessori Pte Ltd (Sengkang)

Sue (Sumathi)
16 Sep 2020

We Will Fight Covid 19 Together!

Last year from June onwards many of our students were contracting the flu virus ever so frequently and by the end of the year more than half the students have contracted the virus at least once, so our school wanted to do a project to advocate keeping virus/germs away. Coincidentally this year we were faced with Covid 19 and so the reason for our choice of project was confirmed ‘ WE Will Fight Covid 19 Together!”

We launched our SSDB on 10 June with our K1 and K2 students. Teachers explained to the children about SSDB project and they will be embarking in a project to advocate measures to take to keep virus away. Children were also informed that they will be making hand sanitizer with their parents to distribute to the people around the school neighbourhood.

To date the students have made a banner, learn the importance of washing hands, learn how germs spread and etc, how to build their immunity with regular intake of fruits and vegetables. More updates on the progress of the project will be updated frequently. Stay Tuned!

On 23June a meeting was held with the teachers and at the end of the meeting we decided instead of just the hand sanitizer we will make a ‘Thank You’ Covid Survival kit to be given to the community helpers (Cleaners) around the school neighbourhood.

Children were informed of the new change of plan and letter was sent out to parents asking for donations of the goods required for the ‘Thank You” kit. Parents generously contributed the goods by 15/8/20 we had received enough goods to prepare 70 ‘Thank You’ kits.

Teachers explained to the children what each of the item in the kit represented. Children with the guidance of teachers packed some kits and a few volunteer parents came on separate days to help with the packing of the remaing kits.

Arrangements have been made with the site manager of the cleaning company for the kits to be distributed the cleaners on 16/9/20. Stay tuned for the final details of the last phase of our school’s SSDB project.

On 16/9/20, our students distributed the ‘Thank You’ kits to the cleaners which brought our SSDB project for the year 2020 to an end. The students were happy to distribute the kits and the cleaners were full of gratitude. Through this project our children have leaned to appreciate and respect the cleaners who are often taken for granted.

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