Haryani Binte Hashim

The Moral Childcare Centre @ Bukit Batok West Blk 415

Haryani Binte Hashim
24 Mar

We can make a difference no matter how small we contribute

Stage 1

It has been a challenging time for all of us in Singapore and around the world due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The ones that most affected was of course our frontline heros. Doctors, nurses & all the staffs in the healthcare industry.

In view with their great actions and contributions to our society, we at The Moral Child Care Centre would like to express our greatest gratitude towards them by making a bouquet/basket of flowers to give a little smile to them while they continue with their fight against Covid-19.

Teachers and children talked about the pandemic and how it has affected alot of people. Children were educated on hygiene and also to avoid crowded places. We also made a promise to remind each other to take care of our health and eat healthily.

We had a discussion on how we could get contributions from everyone and make this plan come to live. We discussed and concluded that we could also save the earth at the same time by encouraging everyone to make flowers using recycled materials.

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