Lee Mei Szu (Li Meisi)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bishan East-Sin Ming Blk 409 (CC)

Lee Mei Szu (Li Meisi)
18 Oct 2021


The children ended the SSDB - Trash to Treasure journey on Children’s Day.

They made a variety of gifts with the recycled materials collected. On top of receiving gifts on this day, the children hand delivered the upcycled gifts to their grandparents, neighbours and families to spread love. We also hand delivered more than 30 giving bags and ‘Thank you’ medelions to the Lions Home for the Elders.

It was a meaningful and happy day as children felt the joy of spreading kindness and love.

Below are pictures of our children in action, transforming items from trash to treasures.

What can we make from recycled plastic bottles?

Little baskets by the toddlers.

Planting pots by the Nursery 1 children.

Coin banks by the Nursery children.

Pencil holders by the K1 children.

What can we make with unwanted paper products?

Pencil holders by the K1 and K2 children.

What can we make from reusable glass bottles?

Candle holders by the K2 children.

These gifts were packed in newspaper bags called ‘The Giving Bag’ and hand delivered to spread love…

On this day, the children shared their joy and let many people around them know that there is always someone who appreciates and love them.

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