Karen Mae Valencia Anasco

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 409 (kn)

Karen Mae Valencia Anasco
1 Sep 2017

The Nurture Project: Little Gifts of Love

The Nurture Project is a 3-part initiative by PCF Sparkletots Kn @ Kg Chai Chee Blk 409.The project aims to involve the K1 classes in nurturing the environment, the community and themselves.

Nurturing the Environment : Community Planting at the Residents’ Committee Garden

The children and their parents worked together to contribute to the RC garden. They cleaned up the garden, planted chili and kangkong vegetables, and learned about making enzymes from organic refuse. Mr. Lee Yi Shyan, MP for East Coast GRC, also participated in this event. The children were excited to get their hands dirty and were enthusiastic about planting vegetables. It was a fun and fruitful activity for all and the children were proud to harvest their crops afterwards.

Nurturing the Community: Donation Drive and Planting with the Residents of Jamiyah Home for the Aged

The class invited their parents to donate food items for the residents of Jamiyah Home for the Aged. They brought along these donations to Jamiyah, and at the same time, planted vegetables with the residents. The children happily interacted with the aunties and uncles of Jamiyah, helped each other sow seeds into recycled plastic pots, and labeled their plants. It was a hectic and busy event, but the smiles from both young and old were heartwarming and truly rewarding!

Nurturing Ourselves: Family Fun Walk @ Bedok Reservoir Park

To cap off the three-part SSDB project, PCF Kg Chai Chee Blk 409 invited all the students and their families for a Family Fun Walk @ Bedok Reservoir Park. Parents and their children all joined together to exercise together, brisk walk, and be refreshed by the energising morning sun and fresh air at the reservoir. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was filled with lively and vibrant cheer from everyone! Participants were rewarded with a token planting kit which they can grow and nurture together as a family.

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