Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

25 Feb 2023

Tetra Pack Recycling Program

Written by: Teacher Nora

Being one of the Marigold Milk Ambassadors is a privilege for me. I am excited to use our skills to talk to our young children about dairy, milk nutrition, and the importance of drinking milk.

As Marigold Milk Ambassador I, myself enjoyed the malt milk flavor which has 3 additional vitamins (B2, B12, C) as it is made of real malt extract. So rich and creamy too! This shall always be my favorite milk.

Milk is important for building strong bones, which is critical for a healthy and active lifestyle. When children have strong, healthy bones that support their bodies, they can do all the physical activities they want and need.

Kids love Marigold milk, which has always been their absolute favorite. Marigold milk is one of the best drinks because it is fortified with calcium and protein, giving kids energy and the nutrients they need for healthy bones.

Calcium and protein are important for active children because they help them grow well and have strong bones. When children are active, they are usually healthy, strong, and have alert minds. This also helps them in school, motivates them, and boosts their self-esteem.

The children from the young till the oldest also perform their tasks after drinking the milk and throwing it into the empty milk box provided.

Well done kiddos!

Carton Recycling Bin

These children enjoyed recycling their tetra packs of milk and dropping them into the box.

We will continue to consume Marigold UHT Milk as this will support children in their learning and maximize their dreams and potential!

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