A Neshanthini Mrs Neshanthini Neelamohan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 307 (kn)

A Neshanthini Mrs Neshanthini Neelamohan
14 Jul 2017


Start Small Dream Big –Phase 2

Visit to Sarah Senior Care Activity Centre at Bukit Merah on Wednesday 26 April 2017. It started in 1998 with the support of the then Ministry of Community Youth and Sports and National Council of Social Service to serve the needs of the vulnerable elderly residents.

There were 30 elderly residents and we had the children to mingle with them. 

Parents acted as facilitators when the children created heart collage with the seniors. There was guidance, coaching and a lot of interaction between the children and the seniors. Children also performed song and dance to entertain. 

Parents gave speech of gratitude to them citing a heartfelt experience being with them. For some residents it was also emotional as they bid farewell to the children.

As a home task activity, we got our children to take pictures with their grandparents and we posted these in our school facebook. We had a good response!

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