PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Braddell Heights Blk 307 (kn)

Block 307 Serangoon Ave 2, #01
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Extension to children’s learning

Children in this centre can choose to attend any of the enrichment programmes organised by the centre: Chinese Speech & Drama which include Chinese calligraphy and Hanyu Pinyin, English Speech & Drama or table tennis.

Teachers in the centre were sent for the Music Toolbox training and they have been using the material to teach music to the children in the centre.

A dedicated gym cum music room is available for children of this centre. Another room with rock walls built on all four walls of the room allow the children to climb from one wall to the other. On top of that, the rocks come in different shapes including shapes of animals! Certainly children in this centre do not lack the facility to build up their motor skills.

The centre uses an integrated approach in their curriculum whereby children learn Science, Maths and Language in an integrated manner and apply them through follow up activities in the different learning corners.

Special programme in the pipeline

K1 and K2 children in this centre have been visiting the elderly in an activity centre for the elderly in Bukit Merah. During the visit, game stations are set up and the children will accompany the elderly to the various stations to enjoy the games. The elderly look forward to the children’s visit and the centre has initiated more collaboration with the centre.

This programme gives opportunities for the children to show care and concern for the elderly and build their confidence in relating to people more senior than them. It also builds their confidence in performing before a big group as the children will dance and sing for the elderly.

Come next year, the centre will take this programme a step further by making it a part of the curriculum programme. The Kindness Movement Mascot will be invited to the centre to talk to the children. Besides visiting the activity centre, the children will organise a Carnival and invite the elderly over to the centre to participate in the Carnival.

The Principal hopes to make this a character-building and value-inculcating programme.

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