Tan Li Lian

Little Petals @ Symphony

Tan Li Lian
31 Aug 2022

SSDB Project : Caring for our Community!

Families, children including infants of Little Petals Preschool & Little Petals @ Symphony embarked on a fund-raising event for Singapore Association for Visually Handicapped (SAVH)! It started in term 3 and the event concluded on August 27, 2022!!

Our event started off with sharing our intent with parents, seeking their support in our mission by purchasing crafts & biscuits done by our children and signing up for massage sessions done by masseurs from SAVH. Almost all our parents supported the initiative and collaborated with school by collecting pebbles for the crafts. Parents are also provided brochures, encouraging them to support the upcoming ‘White Cane Day’ by attending the event to learn more about how we as a community can do better in support of friends who are visually handicapped.

Prior to our children getting to work on their crafts and bake cookies, SAVH shared with our N2 - K2 about how they can help others who are visually handicapped & how funds raised can be used to support beneficiaries of SAVH.

Our children were also involved in class activities to help them appreciate some of the challenges when without sight.

Our children including older infants then started working on their crafts and baking cookies!!

Final day of our fundraising event - massage sessions that our parents signed up for in support of SAVH!!

Big thank you to our parents for your support! Collectively, we raised about $1,200 for SAVH!!

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