Iris Choo Li Chen

Ace @ Work Childcare Pte Ltd (Cashew Heights)

Iris Choo Li Chen
8 Jun 2021

SSDB LAUNCH PARTY 2021 - Love Starts from within

The centre’s theme for this year’s SSDB is, “Making a difference by sending love.” 

On April, the children decorated and came up with their pledge together with their parents as a form of parental involvement. This was then sent to school for display on the banner. The pledge shared the families’ ideas on how they can share love to the people around them- friends, families, elderly and others with disabilities. The younger children decorated the banners with their orange handprints as a form of a pledge to “do-good.”

On 7 May, we officially had our SSDB Launch Party. It focused on staying healthy as a form of self-love before we can give love to the people around us. As the saying goes, “Love starts from within.”

The Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 children had a potluck of fruits to be brought to school for fruit salad making session. They were exposed to various sensorial experiences through tasting of the different types of fruits their friends have brought to practising their culinary skills of cutting the fruits to bite-sized pieces. The children enjoyed themselves indeed!

It did not stop here for the kindergartens as they also believed that staying healthy also includes exercise. The children and teachers did a music mass workout demonstrating their able and active bodies.

What a blast we had!

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