Rashidah Ahmad Ithnin

Changi General Hospital Childcare Centre

Rashidah Ahmad Ithnin
18 Sep

SSDB 2020 Creating a water catchment system to help our garden grow strong.

To help our new garden grow strong and healthy, the children of N2 class pitched in by becoming little caretakers. In keeping with the project’s theme of ‘Working towards sustainability’, the children learned about how they could take advantage of the rainy season and use rainwater to keep the garden irrigated. Aside from being natural, rainwater is free from chemicals that makes water from taps safe to drink thus making it a great option to ensure that our plants remain hydrated.

The class upcycled used milk cartons for their water catchment containers, making them more durable and waterproof by wrapping a thin layer of foil around them. The class also poked holes at the top of either side of their cartons so that it could be fitted with a piece of raffia string and easily carried around. Lastly, the children provided a personal touch to their new water catchment containers by decorating it with sequins.

Once the new water catchment containers were completed, the children ventured out to place them in strategic open areas around the school’s compound. In keeping with safe distancing protocols, the class took turns placing their water catchment containers in small groups. They were visibly excited and could not wait until the next time it rained so that they could check on their containers.

As luck would have it, the children did not have to wait long to see the results of their efforts. They checked their containers in small groups and kept up social distancing measures by sitting inside the squares marked out on the ground as they transferred the water from the containers to plastic bottles.

The children had great fun watering the plants and were instilled with a strong sense of accomplishment as their efforts in creating this simple water catchment system will go a long way in keeping the garden green and healthy!

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