Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
17 Sep 2020

Showing Kindness to Our Community: Care Packs for our dearly missed Seniors at MindCARE ISC! Inter-generational bonding beyond boundaries!

The Dynamic of Partnership - We

Seniors from MindCARE, receiving their care packs, which was specially curated by the K2 Stars of Nurturestars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol to promote continuity of inter-generational bonding despite COVID-19!

As Mr Fred Rogers says in his quote, ‘_there is a world of difference in establishing an environment where someone grows into WANTING to do the task and carry out the behaviours of The Dynamic of Partnership. ‘_Our mindfulness around the way we act and react about our preschoolers is one sure way to bring about change. When you and I gain the skills for creating and maintaining successful partnering skills with those we care about, we create heaven on earth. Often, we only need to think of one individual who treated you as an equal human being and you can feel the difference. That’s what we are aiming for here in Nurturestars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol!

Our Stars missed the opportunity of spending precious time with our seniors at MindCARE physically during the holidays this year! And their hearts went to the seniors who are confined at home having to deal with isolation during the pandemic!

Step 1: Children having a discussion brainstorming on what can be done for the seniors. Children raised their hands in agreement as they wanted to do their part for the seniors! And they decided on sending a care pack to seniors.

So the children and teachers came up with a brilliant idea of sending over care packs consisting of essentials to keep our seniors safe and healthy during this challenging time!

  • Milk - calcium to combat osteoporosis

  • Hand sanitisers - hygiene to combat COVID

  • Mask -mandatory safety precaution against COVID

  • Iced Gem cookies - to bring them down the nostalgic memory lane of their life

  • Handwritten card - a keepsake for seniors to know that they are not alone in this pandemic

Step 2: Stars from K2 started the ball rolling by creating handwritten cards carrying messages from the heart!

Here are some pictures of our Stars showcasing what they had penned down:

Step 3: Packing in progress! A test of the children’s spatial awareness!

Step 4: Delivery and presentation to MindCARE by our principal and teacher!

Step 5: Hearing from the seniors and staff from MindCARE upon receiving our care packs!

Thank you so much for accepting our care packs! We know this too shall pass and very soon we shall meet up with each one of you! We love you and till then, stay safe and healthy! With love, Stars from K2! 

Distance doesn’t matter! COVID-19 doesn’t matter! Kindness and mindfulness matters - it changes the world, one baby step at a time, though leaving imprints to last for a lifetime!

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