Ng Kok Weng


Ng Kok Weng
18 Sep 2020

Showing Kindness through our Annual Fund Raiser, Little Entrepreneur Project 2020 in commemoration of Racial Harmony Day!

Students and Staff of NurtureStars @ SAFRA Punggol exemplified that no matter what our circumstances may be, kindness is a choice and nothing can stop us from be kind to those around us!

Here’a a picture of our e-invite for the fundraiser via zoom! Ps: Did we tell you each class had an e-invite to be sent out to the parents!

Our K2s adorned in the beauty of ethnic costumes and SSDB Bucket hats!

Proudly presenting the Stars of K1 and their Teachers!

Here we go, Stars and Teachers from Nursery sending their wishes!

Take a look at our LEP video 2020! 🎤

This year, we took on an unsurmountable challenge to raise funds for our annual fund raiser, The Little Entrepreneur Project 2020, revolving around the theme of Racial Harmony. We even expanded our list of beneficiaries, including COVID19 affected members in the community apart from our regular beneficiary, Ju Eng Home for Seniors. We raised funds for seniors from MINDCARE Senior Activity Centre to promote continuity of our intergenerational bonding programme as well as foreign workers from the S11 Dormitory @ Punggol.

So here’s what we did! Teachers and their respective classes were informed to select a particular culture which they would like to focus on exploring! Stars learnt about the language spoken, type of ethnic clothes worn, ethnic food eaten and different aspects of that particular culture. Teachers then integrated the racial harmony element through explaining to the Stars why we should love another despite our cultural differences and way of life. Stars were also tasked to present a cultural performance, as well as to ‘cook up’ an ethnic dish based on the culture each class represented!

Stars from Nursery who adopted the Malay culture, tapped on valuable resources from Malay Heritage Centre! Stars learnt about Hang Nadim, local Malay hero who saved Singapore from invasion of swordfishes through his wittiness! They also explored ‘Craft-efact, a heritage resource from Malay Heritage Board!’ Stars made ‘Keris’, a type of dagger that is unique to the Malay World - notnjust used as a weapon for protection but also functions as traditional symbol of honour and societal status in the Malay society.

Snapshots of Stars from Nursey practicing their dance moves for the two traditional Malay numbers, ‘Chan Mali Chan’ and ‘Burung Kakak Tua’!

Stars from Pre Nursery Two adopted the Japanese culture and collaborated with the Embassy of Japan as well as Japan Creative Centre! We loaned traditional Japanese toys such as Kokeshi Dolls and Daruma Otoshi! Here are pictures of Stars engaging in hands-on learning!

Some thought provoking questions from our curious minds were, ‘Why does the Kokeshi dolls have no hands?’ and ‘Are all Japanese toys made from wood?’ Indeed, this learning process enabled the Stars to develop their critical and logical thinking skills!

Enhancing language and literacy skills through exploring traditional Japanese folklore! Big books: courtesy of Japan Creative Centre

Now for the fund raising part! Parents were requested to purchase tickets for our Racial Harmony celebrations cum LEP 2020. With every donation, parents got a ‘Zoom’ link to watch video/photo montage of the learning processes which teachers documented over the weeks in school.

A presentation by the Infantcare! Proving that it is never too young to be taught about kindness!

They were also able to enjoy the cultural performance presented by the students. Stars also brought an exclusive goodie bag consisting of take-home craft activities based on the culture they represented, the ethnic dish they ‘cooked up’, as well as various items from our sponsors to expand their learning on different cultures.

A cutting edge activity, was done by the Stars from K2, as they auctioned away their hand crafted masterpieces to parents made using recyclables to further raise funds for our beneficiaries! Parents from all levels came forth to support the children’s entrepreneurship! Kudos K2s!

Some of our stars from K2s proudly presenting their recycled crafts for the auction!

The day arrived! Organising a virtual fund raiser via Zoom was no mean feat, having to deal with various technical issues, organising the Stars cum the line up of performances, managing buffers using powerpoint presentations, and more! But with graciousness and support exhibited by our dear parents, all things were made possible!

Apart from donations by parents, staff also made a concisive effort to donate for the noble cause, irregardless of the amount, to practice what we preach! This year, we hit a record breaking amount despite not having a physical fund raising event! Way to go, Stars, Staff and parents of Nurturestars Preschool @ SAFRA Punggol!

Working as a team, we pulled off a great successful annual fund raiser while educating our Stars on the following key points:

  • Kindness is a choice! You can choose to be resilient in helping others, being undettered by the odds around you!

  • Kindness starts with me! Stars learnt that the contributions from the parents made an impact on the community.

  • It is important to live harmoniously in our multi-cultural Singapore, embracing every different culture and race!

  • It is important to be grateful for our lives as we learn and reach to those affected during the COVID19 pandemic.

  • Every single step taken in kindness, makes the world a better place to live, both for me and others!

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