Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual

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Cabullo Christian Mark Bagual
8 Jun

SG Kindness Day Celebration cum Virtual Tour - Start Small Dream Big 2021 (Healthy Heart, Healthy Body and Healthy Mind) #SSDB2021 #SGKindness

“Find Kindness in Everyone” - Singapore Kindness Movement

On the 28th of May 2021, our school celebrated SG Kindess Day and we had integrated our virtual tour (Singapore Kindness Movement).

The K2 children participated the celebration and they learnt that the Singapore Kindness Movement (S.K.M) aims to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness.

The teachers have introduced to the children the mission and vision of Singapore Kindness Movement, they also learnt who is Singa.Singa the Lion, the familiar icon for the courtesy that most Singaporeans grew up with, is placed together with the kindness heart, bringing courtesy and kindness together to foster a more gracious society.

Small Kindness, Big Friendship Puppet Show-The Children watched Singa and the Kindness Cubbies in a puppet show and they explored the values of sharing, respect and friendship. The children had a journey and a discovery how a little kindness goes a long way!

The teachers demonstrated and guided the children on how to conduct the puppet show. The children enjoyed this part of the celebration as they were directly involved and the activity developed the children’s confidence and social skills.

Showing Kindness at Home and in the Community

The children showed simple act of kindness at home and in their neighbourhood. They shared how they help others through pictures and video clips.

Kindness it’s up to us

The childen learnt to sing and dance to the Singapore Kindness Movement’s original song and dance “Kindness it’s up to us”, and discovered what it means to be #kind!

Follow-up Activity

The children applied their learning through an activity sheet about kind words. The children had fun showing their work to their teachers and friends.

The celebration reinforced our Start Small Dream Big project and theme. We will continue to work hand in hand with the community and other stakeholders.

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