Ma Rachelle Agravante

My Kiddie Klubhouse Pte Ltd

Ma Rachelle Agravante
15 Jan 2023

Peashoot Workshop

Citizens of Singapore live and work in high-rise buildings. Through indoor gardening, MKK children with their families can transform not only the school but also their homes into indoor gardens.

Now that we had reached to the last part of our SSDB learning journey 2022, let us meet Mr. Jack Yam, our guest speaker who volunteered to share his expertise about microgreens and growing edible greems everywhere for everyone!

Right after the workshop, our children together with their families excitedly tried planting and after a week they harvested their own green veggies!

The K1 and and K2 children had prepared Peashoot kits to be shared with our dear elders.

All the proceedings of this workshop was donated to St. John Home for Elderly Persons to help in their various projects and services.

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