Teacher Jia Yee

Bright Kids @ Pasir Ris

Teacher Jia Yee
19 Sep

Our Superheroes!

In the third phase of our project, children learnt about the essential workers and frontliners who worked tirelessly and selflessly during circuit breaker. Children watched videos and stories on the Covid19 situation and had some discussions with their parents about it!

What can we do on our part?

We wanted to appreciate the hard work done by all these amazing essential workers, and decided to give thanks by creating cards for the frontliners!

Thank you all frontliners and essential workers! 💞

Our essential workers and frontliners have worked hard to help us so we must also do our part to stay away from the virus. Besides showing cards of appreciation, we also placed emphasis on proper handwishing based on the Health Promotion Board song “Washy Washy Clean”.

The teachers from Bright Kids @ Pasir Ris started off by recording ourselves washing our hands according to the 8 steps of proper handwashing. We also invited our children to join us to do the same. Check out the video!

Watch this space to find out a little surprise for our kids! 🤩

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