Candice Chua

EB0017 E-Bridge Pre-School (Corporation Drive)

Candice Chua
13 Sep 2022

Moving to a healthier lifestyle

As part of the National Day Celebration, the N1, N2, K1 and K2 did the Singapore workout 2020 to this year’s NDP theme song, “ Everything I am”. 

The N1 and N2 followed the workout through the video. They followed the steps in the video to the best of their abilities, laughing along with their friends at the movements that represented our lifestyle in Singapore.

The K1 children led the K2 children to do a workout that they had choreographed as a class. The song used was “We Are Singapore”, the national day song from year 1987. The workout movements were mainly inspired by Zumba dances and Singapore workouts created by ActiveSG, which we danced to during motor skills. 

The children perspired from the vigorous yet engaging workouts, moving towards a healthier lifestyle with each exercise they were excited to share with their family.

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