Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
23 Sep 2021

Let’s Eat and Buy Healthy!

This month, the Kindergarten One children are excited to learn more about healthy eating. We started out by introducing children to ‘My Healthy Plate’ by using the My Healthy Plate magnetic board resource from the Health Promotion Board. We learned about the different food groups and the recommended servings in order to eat healthy. We also learned about the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) when it comes to choosing food that are healthier for us.

Next, in conjunction with our Reader Book, ‘The Baby in the Cart’, we decided to open our own supermarket! The children are fully involved in setting up the dramatic play area. We begin our process by asking parents and children to bring empty packaging of different food products to school. Then, we designed our own currency (in denomination of $1 to facilitate addition up to 10), decorated the shelves with our product drawings and painted the signboard together as a class!

Lastly, we priced the products and arranged them on the shelves.

Our completed Appleland Supermart!

We had a great time shopping at Appleland Supermart and we took turns to be the cashiers to facilitate with the payment and customers to buy the products. We even look out for products with the Healthier Choice symbol because we know that are healthier for us!

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