Seri Diana Binte Abdul Wahab

Sunflower Preschool @ Bedok Central

Seri Diana Binte Abdul Wahab
15 Jun

It's Cool to be Kind!

It’s been a few weeks after the launch of our SSDB project. The teachers and children are still busy and passionate about our kindness themed project this year.

The younger ones have already started putting together products for our fundraising project. They worked with clay and created many different designs for their ‘note stands’.

While the younger ones were busy making their fundraising products, the kindergarten levels were learning more about kindness with the Kindness Cubbies.

Children playing with the Kindness Cubbies puppets.

Children created craftwork of Singa and the Kindness Cubbies.

Writing is one of the activities we encourage the kindergarteners to practice. For the K1s, they wrote a kindness card for their parents and posted them. The K2s wrote encouragement cards for children with cancer.

The K2s got a hang on acting when told to do skits on kindness. While some acted as the bullies, some of the other children acted as Kindness Heroes - always ready to help others!

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