Miss Teo

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Miss Teo
24 Oct 2020

(GSCKG) Healthy Ocean Healthy Us - Activity 2: Let's clean up the beach~

In line with the precautionary measures for Covid-19, only five children were bought out once every week to East Coast Park for beach cleaning. The children were full of excitement during the learning journey and prepared with their ‘protective gear’ (gloves and tongs).

After briefing the children on the safety rules, we all set off to start our mission! The children eagerly picking up the rubbish from the shore and could hear them saying: “What?! So many?”, “There are so many bottles!” “why are there, slippers?” etc. They were surprised to see that there were indeed so many kinds of rubbish washed up to the shore.

It took us not long to fill up five trash bags with the rubbish. The children gathered together to have a debrief on what they had collected and what was the common trash that they had observed/discovered. After the debrief, the children had suggested to tie up the trash bags and bin it into the big rubbish bin.

It was a significant activity and an eye-opening experience for the children. They had a sense of achievement in playing a part to clean up the beach. Our parent volunteers who came along felt that it was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn and appreciate their environment by instilling responsibility in them.

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