Nurharyani Binte Johar

EB0009 E-Bridge Pre-School (Edgedale Plains PGLCCC)

Nurharyani Binte Johar
15 Nov 2023

E-Bridge Preschool PLCCC : Reducing Food Wastage & Healthy Eating

To extend further on their discoveries after the nature walk, we identified one of the most common favourite food that children loves to eat, which is Chicken nuggets. 

We asked the question “Where do you think chicken nuggets comes from?”. It got them wondering and we hear lots of different responses. “they come from Mcdonalds” , “my mummy buy from the supermarket” and we also hear a lot of the children saying they come from chickens.

 This shows the awareness the children have towards the food that they eat. We carry out the activity of sorting out food into groups – Food that comes from plant and fruits that comes from animals.​

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