Teacher Yasmin

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Teacher Yasmin
19 Sep

COVID-19 vs Singapore

In the second phase of our project, children were engaged in finding out how Covid-19 came to Singapore, and how Covid-19 is affecting everyone around us. Through our virtual storytelling sessions and hands-on activities, children learnt about why we all had to stay home and were unable to go to school. Most importantly, we explored how we can do our part to keep Covid-19 at Bay!

Bacteria on bread

Children conducted an experiment with bread. Through this activity, children had the opportunity to observe the changes to the bread. It reinforces the importance of keeping our hands clean. Additionally, children learnt that their hands are not as clean as it seems because germs cannot be seen with our naked eyes.

Let’s look for some virus preventive items in our house!

Children were tasked to look for the items in their house that are useful in minimising the spread of coronavirus. Look at what they found!

Bubbles vs Mask

This activity demonstrates how the mask protects us by reducing contact with droplets in the air that may contain germs.

Soap and Pepper

It was a fun and engaging experiment as children learnt how they can prevent the spread of germs by washing their hands with soap.

Oops! We need to cover our mouth!

Look, we need to cover our moth when coughing and sneezing so that we do not spread the germs!

Let’s practice social distancing at home!

Raise awareness on social distancing measures implemented in Singapore. Children will be able to understand the purpose of a demarcated area in public spaces.

Children and parents created a poster that inform others on how to keep the germs away. Let’s spread the message and raise awareness on our hygiene!

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