Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
3 Aug

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall - Event : Start Small Dream Big 2020 Launch Party” on 19 June 2020 (Friday)

On 19 June 2020 (Friday), the Start Small Dream Big Launch Party commenced with counting down for the launch.

The SSDB theme for Year 2020 is “A Caring and Inclusive Home For All”. We had chosen four children to represent the four main races in Singapore. The skit talks about how the children of the four races play and show their care for one another.

This year, we recorded children performance and combined into video.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Start Small Dream Big! Yeah!”

“Hi, we are the four main races in Singapore.”

“Let’s enjoy our performance.”

“Kindergarten 1 children are giving Chinese performance.”

  • “桃花笑” (Kindergarten 1)

“Kindergarten 2 children are performing a Malay dance.”

  • “Rasa Sayang” (Kindergarten 2)

“Indian performance from Nursery children.”

  • “Wake Up Sid” (Nursery)

“Let’s welcome our Playgroup and Pre-Nursery children for Eurasian performance.”

  • “Let’s Go Hero” (Playgroup and Pre-Nursery)

“Skidamarink, I love you !”

  • “Skidamarink” (Playgroup and Pre-Nursery)

“Let’s show love and care for one another !”

  • “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”

(Kindergarten 1)

“Everyone has a dream deep in their heart.”

  • “What Dream Are Made Of” (Nursery)

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose.”

  • “Go Green” (Kindergarten 2)

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