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MY World @ Tenteram Peak

Ms Yi Jie
4 Aug

Caring Begins with Me: Caring for Our Environment by Recycling Right!

In School

At M.Y World Tenteram Peak, children at all levels learnt about recycling right, and the importance of how they can care for the environment by making recycling a part of their daily lives.

Home-School Partnership

Parents were invited to join us in the Caring Begins with Me: Caring for the Environment by Recycling Right! Campaign by sorting their trash at home and bringing it to recycle at the Bloobin/recycling bins.

Different Types of Recycling Bins Spotted

Some of the children spotted different types of recycling bins when they were out with their parents on weekends. These recycling bins were separated by the types of items to be put in, namely:- paper, plastic, cans, or general waste. The children disposed their items accordingly to the labels on the bins.

Community Partnership

On 31 July 2022, it was SG Clean Day @Jalan Besar Town. As there was no sweeping at the housing estate ground levels on that day, parents and their children did their part for the community by picking up litter to keep the estate clean.

Make recycling a part of you daily life. Together, we can care for the environment by recycling right.

Always remember to check, clean and recycle.

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