Nahid Azra

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang West Blk 330A (DS)

Nahid Azra
5 Sep 2023

A Day at St. Luke’s Eldercare: Where Wisdom Meets Heart!

As part of our SSDB, “Start Small Dream Big Project 2023: Helping Hands!” and our Inter-Generation programme, we visited St. Luke’s Eldercare. We are grateful to all the parents who contributed generously, allowing our children to prepare goodie bags for the elderly. At the St. Luke’s Eldercare, our children performed for the elderly, played engaging games with them, and showcased their creativity by making thank-you cards. Each child personally handed out a goodie bag. This visit not only instilled a sense of empathy and care in our children but also taught them about community service and the importance of respecting the elderly. We are proud of the meaningful lessons learned during this initiative.

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