Langcoy Alexis Marie Fernandez

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah Blk 48 (DS)

Langcoy Alexis Marie Fernandez
25 Sep

“Flatten the Curve, Save Lives, Touch Hearts” SSDB 2020 Closing Programme

In the light of the current pandemic situation that we are experiencing, PCF Sparkletots @ Ayer Rajah Blk 48 (DS) have focused on the title “Flatten the Curve, Save Lives, Touch Hearts”.

To Flatten the Curve and Save Lives— The project involved promoting safe distancing and hygienic measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, we have invited some of the children’s parents who are working in the Frontlines to share their experiences during these times.

To Touch Hearts— We are instilling the love and care for the elderly among our young children. We understand that visitors have been restricted in senior care these past few months as they are tagged as the vulnerable in the plight against the virus. Children have created simple greeting cards to send cheer and care for our elderly at SparkleCare @ Yew Tee.

During our Closing Program last 3 September, our beloved seniors from SparkleCare @ Yew Tee virtually joined us for a simple conversation with our K2 children. They also enthusiastically moved along in our simple Dance Exercise. After which, videos of children’s performances dedicated to them were shown. It all concluded with a community singing of the song “Top of the World”.

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