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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 545 (kn)

Ma Astute Pido Babon
11 Aug

‘Spread Care & Kindness Amidst Covid-19 Crisis’

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 545 lined up a range of activities for our SSDB Project 2020. This year, our aim was to invoke a sense of kindness & care in children towards their families, friends, community, environment and themselves.

Earlier this year, we introduced our first Green Initiative through the ‘Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Program’. Aside from using recyclable materials donated by parents and children for arts & craft activities, teachers also made teaching aids from these recyclable materials. Our school also put up a ‘Recycling Corner’ in our classrooms and an ‘E-Waste Bin’ in the office.

In the spirit of taking care of our environment, we asked children to sort waste items according to their material (metal, plastic, glass or paper). Parents brought these recycled items, and teachers ensured that they were properly disinfected before children used them.

In the following weeks, we aimed to become an ‘Energy-Saver Star School’ by introducing a ‘Fight Against Climate Change & Sustainability Pledge’ to the children and their families, colleagues as well as the community. With the help of some of our parents & community gardener, we continued to nurture our school garden by planting more herbs and flowering plants which was regularly watered and taken cared by our school aunty, children and teachers.

Our teachers also invited the children to write their pledge about ways on how to avoid climate change. As we collated all the children’s answers, we converted it into a poster & displayed in all the classrooms to remind everyone that each has a role to play to care for the environment.

We also asked our children to take home their pledge and requested that parents capture moments of their child practicing these good deeds.

In light of the evolving Covid-19 situation, our school also implemented a ‘Healthcare Workers Appreciation Day’ as part of our Kindness Movement Campaign in April. Our objective for this activity was to show appreciation to the frontline medical workers for their hard work in taking care of those in need. Our teachers shared stories and videos of these medical workers in their fight against the virus. We also introduced songs that encouraged or inspired Singaporeans to keep safe and persist in efforts to overcome Covid-19 together, as one country. Our children also created ‘Thank You’ cards and crafts to appreciate all the frontline medical workers for their hard work and sacrifices in battling this outbreak. The crafts & ‘Thank You’ cards were sent to the Emergency Department in Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 13 March 2020.

Another way to show care and kindness amidst Covid-19 is to ensure that everyone keeps safe and healthy. In March, our teachers also planned activities to inculcate in children the importance of washing hands and keeping clean at all times.

Activities: Soap & Pepper Experiment, Glitter Experiment and Paper Towel Experiment 

Activity: Role-Play on ‘The Soaper 5 Characters’ to fight away Covid-19 

The children also created a model of our respiratory system to learn more about the effects of Covid-19. Once we finished the activity, we properly disposed of the respiratory system models and asked children to wash their hands promptly.

 Children also did the same activity at home and

brought their respiratory models to school.

As we launched our SSDB Project 2020, we wanted our children to spread care and kindness to everyone by practicing Covid-19 precautionary measures at all times. The introduction of ECDA’s Covid-Safe ABCs provided a platform for our teachers to incorporate fun and engaging activities regularly for the children. Through active participation, the children enjoyed and learned how to be safe from the virus in a fun and meaningful way.

Children played games like Snakes & Ladders, Word Search, Memory Game & Hopscotch to learn more about Covid-19 precautionary measures. 

The children were very attentive and engaged during the launch of our SSDB Project 2020! Despite this pandemic period, our teachers, children and parents will continue to be faithful to our pledge to spread care and kindness to everyone. We will further embark on other exciting and fun activities to engage our children and parents to participate in this year’s SSDB Project!

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