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Foo Soo Khuen
4 Jan

Zooming Kindness Heart to Heart (Story 4: Showing Kindness to Jurong Region Line Construction Workers)

Date: 25/5 to 30/7

Since the construction of the new MRT line, Jurong Region Line (JRL) is in progress in our neighbourhood, the next project we worked on was to show kindness to the JRL Construction Workers. A food donation was planned to show appreciation to the workers. 

The Centre had collaborated with a few community partners. They were Land Transport Authority (LTA), CES_SDC (Main contractor to design and build the JRL at Gek Poh and Tawas.), Gek Poh Ville Community Club and Gek Poh South Residents’ Network.

After the survey carried out by CES_SDC among the JRL Construction Workers, a list of food items was compiled. Gek Poh Communty Club and the Gek Poh South Residents’ Network helped to reach out to the residents in the estate. Posters about the food donation were put up at the lobbies of the HDB flats. It was also made known to the residents through the social media in the RN Facebook page.

Notifications were also sent out to the families of the children in the parents portal. Residents and families brought their food donation to the Gek Poh Ville CC. A Kindness Lollipop was presented to each donation to express our appreciation to their participation.

At the end of the collection period, the food items were brought back to the Centre. The food collected included grain, instant noodles, canned food, cooking oil, biscuits and carbonated drinks. The centre staff organised the food items in the respective categories. They packed the food items in the carriers. Each goody bag also comprised a Kindness Lollipop to thank the workers for their hard work; picture coloured by the children which depicted the workers at work and a SKM keychain. 

The JRL Construction Workers collected the goody bags from the centre and the Gek Poh CC. They were presented to the workers by CES_SDC representative.

CES_SDC created a video showing the JRL Construction Workers at work. It was presented to the Centre which would be shared with the children during the SSDB Finale.

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