Lozada Angeline Lindo

Iyad Perdaus (Hougang)

Lozada Angeline Lindo
14 Oct

Water WETnesdays

Children of N2 and K1 had fun learning about Water as part of the SSDB project. They had fun in learning and doing the activities that involves water. Here are the some memories of them during water WETnesdays. 

N2 children learnt about where Singapore takes its water. Teacher showed a video on where Singapore take its water. Before that, children shared their ideas on water in Singapore. This activity raised children’s awareness on the process of having clean water here in Singapore.

They had fun discovering new information and dance to the song called Turn off the Tap.

For this day, children from K1 Joy made a poster on how they can save water. The children shared their awareness on the habits they have at home and in school to save water.

N2 children shared their thoughts about saving water. They had enjoyed a water transferring game where in they need to transfer water using the scooping tools and to make sure that no water is wasted. After the discussion for the day, they were able to share what they have learnt by drawing them on a water droplet template.

K1 children had a wonderful recap on saving water. After the discussion, they were tasked to draw and write a sentence on how they will save water. They were able to apply lesson learnt like using high frequency words in making a sentence. Great job !

For this activity, children had a game Pass the Box where in they had to name the things found in the mystery box. Then, they sorted the things into useful and non-useful items that can save water. This activity also allows the teacher to know children’s vocabularies in naming household materials!

N2 children had a recap on how they save water. They were able to share their experience when they did the poster at home as part of the parental involvement and holiday programme for SSDB project. Morever,N2 children were able to show proper handwashing techniques and how to save water too. They were able to follow the 8 steps of proper handwashing on the poster and were able to apply things learnt in saving water.

As the children learnt about water cycle, they had an activity called “Bag My Water Cycle”. The children also learnt about the water cycle and made a water cycle experiment in a zip lock bag. From here, children applied things learnt and made an observation of the water inside the zip lock bag.

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