Norfaezan Binte Fadiar

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 620 (kn)

Norfaezan Binte Fadiar
15 Mar

Walking down memory lane

In 2020, our Start Small Dream Big ‘Journey Towards Graciousness’ taught us to be grateful for what we have as we continue to spread kindness,one kind act at a time.

Our continuous collaboration with Bo Tien Elderly Care Centre benefits all generations.

Despite not being able to visit the Elderly Care Centre due to Safe Management measures, we continue to sparkle the lives of the elderly folks and the frontliners: the nurses and facilitators who works tirelessly for the care of those at the centre.

We recorded a video and shared snippets of our SSDB E-launch party with everyone at Bo Tien. It was a roaring success.

On top of that, we donated fruits to Bo Tien after the children learnt about the benefits of fruits during their healthy week. The children did a bit of research of the fruits that were suitable for the old folks and generous donation of fruit came pouring in from the kind parents and students of our school.

To show our appreciation to the frontliners @ Bo Tien,the students and teachers decorated caps and made an origami heart shape frame ,which was one of the highlights during our E-launch party where we all made origami hearts together via ZOOM to show that “We’re all in this together!”

Last but not least, during our mooncake festival celebration in school, we made mooncakes for sharing.

We learnt that graciousness goes a long way. We aim to inspire graciousness one kind act at a time, a gracious community to make life better for everyone around us.

What would our learning journey be like in 2021?

Do stay tuned….

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