PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 620 (kn)

Block 620 Bukit Panjang Ring R
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Chinese comics in education

PCF Zhenghua Blk 620 uses a different approach to teach the children mandarin. The teachers will use resources like flash cards, print out pictorials and words as well as draw out a picture as she explains the words. This program is meant for K2. Chinese comics in education help the children to recognize Chinese characters and learn how to read the words. The pictures illustrated by the teacher or printed out will enhance their impression of the Chinese character. By having illustration with the Chinese character also makes learning of mandarin more interesting.


The centre collaborates with schools and organizations to enhance the children's curriculum and environment.

For instance, the centre collaborated with NLB where they will invite the Molly bus every term. The children will get to read on the bus, borrow books and have stories told to them. The Molly bus is interesting and the people from the Molly bus program are very helpful, said the principal.

PCF Zhenghua Blk 620 also collaborated with the police. The police will teach the children how to deal with strangers they meet at the streets or what do they do when strangers approach them and they are alone at home. This will make the children more street wise and prevent them from being cheated by strangers.

Lastly, the centre collaborates with the primary school nearby as well as west spring secondary school. By collaborating with the primary school, it allows the K2 students to visit the primary school and get a feel of how things will be different when they progress further in education. The K2 students will visit the primary school with their parents and together, they will find out more about the school. The primary school will also arrange programs such as classroom observation as well as the buddy system where the upper primary will guide the K2 along to different parts of the school as well as buying of food from the canteen. Collaboration with the secondary school on the other hand helps with the learning and environment of the school. The secondary school students help to paint the walls of the centre and clean up classrooms as part of their CIP. They also come down to the centre to read stories to the children.


PCF Zhenghua Blk 620 has pre-nursery classes as well as zest classes on top of the usual nursery, K1 and K2 classes. The pre-nursery classes are for children aged 3. The children will be able to get a head start in education where they get to learn about nursery rhymes, alphabets, numbers and language. Through the language classes they also get to learn simple science words, exposing the children to science at a young age. The children also get to develop their motor skills as they get to play with puzzles, blocks and other materials in the learning corner. We provide open ended material for the children to play and express their creativity, said the teacher.

Zest classes are 7 hour classes whereby the children get to learn more and do more activities than the usual 4 hour classes. The features of Zest classes are the abacus class, off shore music program as well as the young CSI program. Off shore music program will be conducted by instructors from outside vendors. They will guide the children on how to play certain musical instruments as well as the basics of music such as note reading. Young CSI program happens every Friday. It is where the students get to do hands on and discover science for themselves. They learn about things like the volcano and the earth and do hands on such as making a mini volcano. Children get to explore the various things in science and will be guided by a teacher when necessary during their exploration.

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