Ainnal Mardiah Bte Ali

7oaks Preschool - Sembawang

Ainnal Mardiah Bte Ali
29 Aug 2017

Visit to REACH Senior Care Centre

To conclude our SSDB project, the Kindergarten 1 and 2 children made a trip to visit the elderly at REACH Senior Care Centre. Through the visit, the children learned the values of respect and caring by interacting and doing activities with the elderly. 

We began the session with introducing ourselves to the elderly. 

After that, we split ourselves into smaller groups to mingle and interact with the elderly. In our small groups, we read books with the elderly, folded paper airplanes, folded paper origami, stacked plastic cups and played guessing games with them. 

Next, we played bingo with the elderly. Everyone was excited to get a Bingo!

“I’ve got a Bingo!”

After we played a round of Bingo, we performed “Better when I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor. 

To conclude our session, we had a gift exchange with the elderly. They gave us goodie bags and we gave them our handmade from recycled paper bookmarks.

As a token of appreciation, the elderly at REACH Senior Care Centre also gifted us with a beautiful painting made by one of the elderly.

Through the activities, we learned to interact respectfully with the elderly. We also learned through the bingo game that sometimes in a game, we lose and sometimes we win and it does not matter because we enjoyed ourselves. Overall, we had an amazing time getting to know and spent the morning with the elderly.

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