Rio Jane Opiso

Sunflower Preschool @ West Rock

Rio Jane Opiso
25 Jun

Thank you, real-life heroes.

Have you met a hero in real life? Someone better than Superman or Iron Man? These heroes are ordinary people whose jobs are to save lives - doctors, nurses, caregivers, etc. 

Infant making the craft

In celebration of Nurse’s Day in Singapore (1 August), our children made Thank You Crafts for the healthcare heroes in Bukit Batok Care Home. Every class was involved in making the crafts, from Infant to K2. Each class had its unique way of making its craft.

_PG class making the craft_ 

The teachers delivered the crafts to one of the staff and received positive feedback from them. “All look very nice! Thanks for putting in so much effort. I wished our staff happy nurses day on behalf of the school.”, a message from one of the staff.

N1 doing the the craft

Through this activity, the children showed appreciation to real-life heroes and what they can do for others.

N2, K1 and K2 

From Sunflower Preschool West Rock, we wish all the healthcare heroes a Happy Nurses Day!

Handing over the crafts to one of the staff of Bukit Batok Care Home 

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