Teacher Gwen

Bright Kids @ 192 Punggol Central

Teacher Gwen
17 Sep 2023


Stage 15:

In stage 15, the children explored and recapped on what are corals and the importance of protecting these unique animals! Thereafter, the children engaged in making their own coral printing using sponge and paint. 

Stage 16:

In line with the theme of the month, the children touched on the topic of pollution and how we can reduce plastic waste in our daily lives. Some tips discussed were:

  1. Bringing our own shopping bags.

  2. Eating out instead of taking away.

  3. Using reusable lunch boxes and bottles.

The children also role played as sea creature friends to help clean up the pollution thrown around their “home”!

Stage 17:

In stage 17, with reference to one of our learning objectives of the month, the children hone their matching skills by matching the sea creatures to its’s shadows accurately. 

Stage 18:

The children “dived” into the sea through a sensorial box. They were also given the opportunity to further develop their fine motor skills by using tongs to search and retrieve the sea creatures in the “sea”!

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