Khalsa Kindergarten

31 Aug 2019

SSDB project - Singapore Bicentennial and Racial Harmony Day celebration by Khalsa kindergarten.

In conjunction with Bicentennial theme, On 19th July 2019, our school celebrated ‘Racial Harmony Day’. We aimed to include and promote learning other cultures and teach healthy social skills in a multi cultural settings for the children. Our school endorsed the need of multi cultural education and we created a platform for the children to enrich their learning and deepen their understanding about different ethnic group of Singapore.

  • Our Principal & teachers brainstormed and shared ideas on how the activities will be conducted for the celebration. Our teachers came up with innovative ideas of creating games, photo booth, henna corner & fashion show.

Our little ones from Nursery decorated the theme board with their tiny hand prints.

Hence, we want to mention about our enthusiastic parents volunteers who facilitated children in playing games and other activities. They made a remarkable effort to make our event successful.

Children were encouraged to be dressed in other culture’s traditional costumes such as the Cheongsam, the Baju kurung and the Saree. We commemorated the occasion by dressing up in ethnic costumes. It was such a heartwarming to see the children embraced the diversity by celebrating each others costum & cultures.

Children visited different booth and explored different traditional games and enjoyed with their friends.

Children came forward to contribute donation for charity, in a way they wanted to pay back to the community.

Finally, Our SSDB project ended with meaningful & treasured experience for the children and for all of us. But not forgetting our slogan “ No one can do everything, but everyone can do something “. We are proud to be the part of SSDB project.

Thank you!

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