Adona Jessica Cruzat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Hong Kah North Blk 419 (CC)

Adona Jessica Cruzat
25 Apr

SSDB Launch Party 2022: We are Stronger Together!

We had our ‘Start Small Dream Big’ Launch Party on 19th April 2022. The theme for this year SSDB project “Our family, Our Community’ was introduced to children. The children also had fun doing some crafts to give to their loved ones. For this year SSDB project, we want our children to appreciate their families more and how a strong and happy family can make an impact to our community. Thus, we also named our project ‘We Are Stronger Together’.

For the Launch Party, We made two trees as a symbol of a family, and we pasted their family photos on it. We also engaged our children in making a 3D model of a community using recycled materials.

The children enjoyed making a heart pebble as part of our collaboration with Families for Life. Our K1’s formed a heart shape with playdough and painted it with their choice of colours. They also get to choose who they want to give these wonderful heart pebbles.

For our K2’s they enjoyed colouring and painting a heart shape template that symbolizes their love for their family.

As our SSDB journey starts, we also encouraged parent’s participation in this project. Our K1 and K2 children have shared their sweet and lovely family picture and as well as their photos doing the activity at home.

        We are all excited to kick off our SSDB projects!

                     Let’s start the journey together!

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