Siti Fatimah Kamarudin

Kidz Meadow Childcare & Development Centre (Bedok North)

Siti Fatimah Kamarudin
22 Sep 2022

SSDB Launch " Our Family, Our Community" (Kidz Meadow @Bedok North)

To kick off the SSDB Project, the N2 & K1 children used recycled paper and board to create their banner. They were introduce to the Big Book: Happy Birthday, Dawn! from Families for Life. Teachers read aloud the book. From the story, children learnt about the five love languages wherein they can apply to their friends, family and even to other people. Children were given heart template for it to be coloured. Some of the children drew how they show love to others in a blank heart template. The heart templates were cut and children pasted it on their SSDB banner. 

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