Wee Care Kindergarten Pte Ltd

17 Sep 2021

SSDB 2020 Finale

It was a wonderful experience for the children as we walked along our journey into our Start Small Dream Big project.

The children displayed in their very simple ways on how they could help to take care of our environment. They learnt that using recycled materials would take huge steps in helping to save our environment. 

During this project, the children learnt that plastic bottles could be used as pots for their bean plants. They also used empty tissue tubes to create their very own ‘rainstick’.

As we close this event, the children happily received their appreciation certificate. They were surprised to see goodie bags too from SSDB organisers. 

We would like to thank the people behind the Start Small Dream Big Project. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this learning journey. 

Let’s all continue to grow and learn together. 

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