Nursyahirah Binte Sukemi

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ MacPherson Blk 108 (KN)

Nursyahirah Binte Sukemi
23 Sep 2020

SSDB 2020 (#ColourfulCultures@Mac): Fun with Pottery Making

To further extend children’s learning on the pots, PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Mac 108 organized a 2-session workshop, held by Clay Cove, titled Fun with Pottery Making.

Children had a hands-on experience in moulding, shaping and carving the dough. Ms Moni from Fun with Pottery explained the steps in creating the clay bowls.  She also ensured that children were able to follow through the steps carefully with close guidance and facilitation.

After children had completed shaping their bowls on 5 March 2020, Ms Moni brought the bowls back to her studio for it to go through the Baking process in a kiln.

On 12 March 2020, Ms Moni conducted the second session of the workshop where children proceeded to paint their bowls. This is called the ‘Glazing’ process. This process instills discipline in children as they were tasked to ensure that they do not mix the caps of the paint and to clean their brushes thoroughly before dipping into another colour.

Children were able to recall the steps of pottery making and were eager to see the outcomes of their bowls.

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