Little Footprints Preschool (ITE West)

6 Oct 2023

Small Hands, Big Hearts ( St Luke’s and Club Rainbow)

LFP@ITEWEST x St Luke’s Hospital

LFP@ITEWEST x St Luke’s Elderlycare

LFP@ITEWEST x Club Rainbow (Singapore)

The theme for Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) 2023 this year is

Many Helping Hands, Caring for Everyone!

Hence, together with our kindergartners, we named our 2023 SSDB project, Small Hands, Big Hearts.

The children had discussed and decided to help the sick elderly and children. The school assisted St. Luke’s Hospital (Bukit Batok) and Club Rainbow Singapore (Upper Cross Street). *St.Luke’s Hospital:

Main aim: Brighten their day and lift their spirits.

We supported 180 sick elderly by gifting them a care bag each. The list of items in the bags was provided by the Hospital which were useful for their patients. The staffs and parents worked collaboratively to provide the items.

The children were adorable and assisted the teachers to place the items into the paper bags. Kindsville provided some of the paper bags, and the rest of the bags we used were used paper bags. Worry not! The paper bags were appealing and clean 😂.

The paper bags were intended to reinforce sustainability in our children. St.Luke’s Elderly Care

We provided a few boxes of wet wipes for the senior centre. Club Rainbow Singapore

Main aim: Distribute milk tins and diapers as care packages to alleviate the families’ burden.

Club Rainbow assists families with children that have chronic illnesses.Giving their families assistance through this donation was a wonderful gesture. The milk tins and diapers were generously provided by the parents and the staffs.

The remarkable involvement and devotion of the children, parents and staffs in supporting the elderly from St Luke Hospital and the children from Club Rainbow was admirable. We were so touched by the elderly and children too. 🥺

Due to age restrictions, the children were not able to enter the hospital to meet the elderly personally. Due to Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA) , we do not have access to the photographs for Rainbow Club. It was a good learning opportunity for the children as they learnt to respect the privacy of others.

Our children were extremely pleased of their accomplishment, and we hope that this experience will inspire them to continue to give their all to the community and the less fortunate.

Featured in St Luke’s Hospital’s social media page.

Permission from St Luke’s.


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