Firza Alyani Binte Abdul Kadir

Little Footprints Preschool (Cedarwood Grove)

Firza Alyani Binte Abdul Kadir
1 Aug 2020

Singapore Little Treasures (SLT) @ Asian Civilisation Museum

We have decided to inculcate Little Footprints Preschool core value of ‘Respect’ into our Start Small Dream Big project this year.  During the project, children will learn to show respect and appreciation to our heritage.

Little Footprints Preschool (Woodgrove) launched our Start Small Dream Big Project on Father’s Day Celebration. Children brought home an art-activity kit and participated in our online session via Zoom platform with their dad as well as other family members. This is also to strengthen the children’s bond with their dad.

Children from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2 children were excited as they listened attentively to the story on Artful Conversations: Stories from the Past. In the story, a renowned archaeologist unravels the stories behind the artefacts found in a box received by Asian Civilisation Museum.

As children explored the first artefact which was a Hong Bowl, they also discovered about the process of making it and where it originated from. The children and their dad and other family members then use the materials from the art-activity kit which comprised of clay and painting materials as well as ornaments to create their own ‘Hong Bowl’. 


Through this project launch, children displayed respect and appreciation as they proudly brought their beautiful ‘Hong Bowl’ to the school and shared with their teachers and peers about the artefact they have discovered and the process of replicating a similar artefact. Not only that, some children were creative in ‘engraving’ the word ‘dad’ onto their bowl to commemorate Father’s Day.

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