My Kiddie Klubhouse Pte Ltd

17 Aug 2019

MKK Farmers learn to grow spices with NParks 🌱

As part of our SSDB Project - Farming love for the community

Children of My Kiddie Klub house discovered fascinating facts and stories about Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Spring Onion and many more nutritious and yummy herbs and spices.

They also learn about plants for a healthier and strong body, picking up gardening tips to grow their favorite gardening plants for their very own kitchen garden.

Madam Nash used a story Sara goes gardening, to introduce the herbs, spices and gardening. She also showed the children the different plants, let children use their 5 senses to explore them.

Madam Nash then guided the children the different ways of planting. Seeds vs Propagating.

Then get to bring back this pots to grow. New additions to our garden! ❤

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