Samantha Chionh

Little Mighty Me

Samantha Chionh
8 Aug 2017

Mighty Packers!

The last update on LittleStories was where the little ones helped in making purchases for the goodie bags for the elderly at Society to the Aged Sick.

Everyone knows that the most tedious part is packing the goodie bags but our mighty N2s were all ready to take up the daunting task!

Watch the children and parents come together to pack all 210 goodie bags!

We’re sorting out the food purchases so that it is easier to pack!

Laying the food items out so that it is easier to count.

Writing down the total number of food items that we have for each type.

Mommies and daddies came to join us in packing too!

Thanks to everyone’s help, all 210 goodie bags were packed within a week. Stay tune for our next update!

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