Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand Pte. Ltd.

1 Sep 2020

Let's find out what DiscoveryLand did!

How we started the project:

During the recent circuit breaker, we discussed about what we should do together with the children.

We thought about how we wanted children to be involved in current affairs and since children were curious about why we needed to stay at home, we decided to introduce the topic of “Fighting COVID-19 together” to allow children to be aware of what is going on around us.

How is our project going:

As we all stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, children and parents worked together on a time capsule by journalling and recording down their experiences staying at home. They took photographs with the help of their parents as part of their time capsule too!

Each class also came up with a song about COVID-19 on their own based on children’s favourite tunes such as “Baby Shark” and “Let It Go”.

Children also watched news about how different people stepped up during this period to extend kindness to those in need.

What we learned and things we do: Our Cherians worked together to put up craft, appreciation notes and prepared packages of cookies to show their gratitude and appreciation to the Frontline workers in National University Hospital.

Through this, our Cherians learned to recognise and appreciate the hard work put in by the community helpers around us.

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