Cherie Hearts DiscoveryLand Pte. Ltd.

3 Depot Close #02-01, Singapore 109840
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Striving for the best in terms of the quality of the centre’s curriculum, Cherie Hearts Discoveryland is where the teachers uphold their strong moral values and compassion towards the children. The centre emphasizes on character development in the children. They ensure that the students inculcates right values such as respect and integrity.

It is also important that the teachers in Cherie Hearts deliver the programs well. The centre believes that every child have different learning abilities. Therefore, the teachers will take into consideration in every child’s different profile. No effort has been spared in ensuring a conducive environment to achieve a learning balance. For motor skills activities, the teachers conduct their lessons in an open garden.
Parents’ participation in the centre is also essential in boosting their child’s learning as well as promoting family bonding. Cherie Hearts organizes events for family participation. Such events can be Sports day, Chinese New Year celebration, etc.
Cherie Hearts offers enrichment classes such as Music, Arts, and Speech & Drama. These classes are conducted by external vendors. These programmes are designed to enhance and reinforce their learning.

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